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Whether you help life science companies locate rare disease patients, help payers design value-based care programs, or support population health initiatives at large health systems, delivering value for your customers requires the ability to access and connect the right data. 

Leading health data and analytics companies use Datavant as their switchboard to connect disparate datasets across the healthcare system, control how their data is used, and comply with applicable regulations regarding proper data use.

Connecting your data to real world data can enable you to:

Refine models for finding rare disease patients@4x-1
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Refine models for finding rare disease patients

by linking diagnostic lab, genomic, and imaging data.

Conduct long-term safety and effectiveness studies@4x-1
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Conduct long-term safety and effectiveness studies

by linking their clinical trial data to medical claims and electronic health record data.

Improve value-based care analytics@4x-1
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Improve value-based care analytics

and sharpen total cost of care estimates by linking to EHR and clinical data.

Hone risk adjustment factor calculations@4x-1
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Hone risk adjustment factor calculations

by linking claims to social determinants data, to properly estimate the true cost of patient care.

For example, here is how a leading analytics platform works with Datavant to help life sciences companies better understand the patients they serve:


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