Generate Precision Research and Commercial Insights with Connected Data

Leading pharma companies connect their internal data to Datavant’s ecosystem to maximize the value of data

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Link internal data to real world data with advanced patient matching



Tightly control access to and sharing of data within your organization



Ensure compliance with the industry’s most trusted privacy-preserving technology

The shift to specialty treatments and precision therapeutics has created a need for a highly granular view of patient health to find and engage the right patient populations across research and commercial activities. However, when it comes to patient-level data, pharma companies often struggle with their own data silos and identifying the external partners who can augment their data assets. 

Leading life sciences companies use Datavant as their switchboard to connect disparate patient datasets, control access to their data, and comply with regulations regarding the legal and ethical use of patient data.

Working with Datavant, you can:

Accelerate clinical trial enrollment@4x-2
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Accelerate clinical trial enrollment

by linking complete patient data to confirm trial eligibility and better understand reasons for disqualification.

Improve risk adjustment factor scoring@4x-1
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Increase the success of your clinical development program

by connecting clinical data, claims data and labs to help explain non-responders, extend your observation period and capture data on patients lost to follow-up.

Generate stronger evidence to support reimbursement@4x-1
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Generate stronger evidence to support reimbursement

by connecting claims, EHR, lab data and PROs to sharpen cost of care calculations and measure a new therapy’s economic impact.

Improve precision of commercial targeting and measurement@4x-1
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Improve precision of commercial targeting and measurement

by using specialty pharmacy data, claims and clinical data to find newly diagnosed patients, measure adherence and understand the effectiveness of campaigns.

For example, here is how a top pharma company works with Datavant to better understand the patients they serve:

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