Gain Precision Insight on Your Member Population

Connect data to more precisely predict and manage health care utilization

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Connect to third-party data to augment insights from your internal claims data



Continuously monitor and audit the data you share with other organizations



Comply with HIPAA and other regulations

The quality of risk adjustment factor calculations, claims coding and value based contracting is dependent on precise insights derived from patient data electronic health records, labs, and social determinants data siloed across the healthcare system. 

Leading payers use Datavant as their switchboard to connect disparate patient datasets, control how that data is used, and comply with regulations regarding the legal and ethical use of patient data. 

Working with Datavant, you can:

Increase the success of your clinical development program@4x-1
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Improve risk adjustment factor scoring

by linking comprehensive member data to complete medical records and third-party data, uncovering insights to precisely calculate risk and measure care effectiveness.

(Learn about our risk adjustment offerings through Ciox Health, a Datavant company here.)

Develop a longitudinal view of your members@4x-1
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Develop a longitudinal view of your members

by linking data across your internal business units (e.g., pharmacy and medical benefit management, retail and specialty pharmacy), plus augmenting with data prior to your coverage.

Better assess risk of new applicants@4x-1
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Improve underwriting precision

by developing precise models on complete, linked real-world data, for predictable member cost estimation.

For example, here is how a regional health plan works with Datavant to better understand their members:


Learn more about how Datavant works to help you connect the data you need to deliver more valuable insights for your customers.

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